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Q:How to support Sprite Animation?
Add ->Component ->Shader Weaver ->Sprite Animation to Sprite Render.

Q:How to use Texture Sprite Sheet for nodes?
Open Node Editing Window, press '+' button on the bottom-right corner. Click 'Animation Sheet' toggle. Set 'Tile X','Tile Y'... If you wanna use single texture sprite sheet to draw a character multiple times,you need to use Shader Weaver's loop rather than use texture's import setting - warp mode.

Q:How to enable HRD color?
Right click on color attributes.

Q:How to eliminate seams on boarder?
In texture settings,turn off 'Generate Mip Maps' or set 'Filter Mode' to 'Point'.

Q:Why effect updating takes time?
During the update, Shader Weaver update the shader and apply any change to textures. The texture processing stage take times.

Q:How to set visible layers in mask window?
Hold ctrl key and layer-mask popup is on the top-left corner.

Q:How can I edit nodes' attributes in the material inspector?
Create parameters and use them for nodes.

Q:Unity keeps downloading an old version of Shader Weaver, what gives?
Make sure you're using a version of Unity it supports. If Unity is outdated, it will download the latest compatible version rather than the latest. For versioning info, check the changelog.

Q:Can I sell shaders I create with Shader Weaver on the asset store?
Yes! It would be nice to add a note saying that the shaders are compatible with Shader Weaver, in case your customers want to open and edit them too.

Q:Will my shaders work / be optimized enough for mobile?
Your shaders will most likely work unless you've made a super expensive shader, but Shader Weaver is primarily aimed at pushing 2d visual quality, so most things are done on a per-pixel level, rather than per-vertex. Most of the time, they should work well on mobile platform.

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