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Q:How to support Sprite Animation?
Add ->Component ->Shader Weaver ->Sprite Animation to Sprite Render.

Q:How to use Texture Sprite Sheet for nodes?
Open Node Editing Window, press '+' button on the bottom-right corner. Click 'Animation Sheet' toggle. Set 'Tile X','Tile Y'... If you wanna use single texture sprite sheet to draw a character multiple times,you need to use Shader Weaver's loop rather than use texture's import setting - warp mode.

Q:How to enable HRD color?
Right click on color attributes.

Q:How to eliminate seams on boarder?
In texture settings,turn off 'Generate Mip Maps' or set 'Filter Mode' to 'Point'.

Q:Why effect updating takes time?
During the update, Shader Weaver update the shader and apply any change to textures. The texture processing stage take times.

Q:How to set visible layers in mask window?
Hold ctrl key and layer-mask popup is on the top-left corner.

Q:How can I edit nodes' attributes in the material inspector?
Create parameters and use them for nodes.

Q:Unity keeps downloading an old version of Shader Weaver, what gives?
Make sure you're using a version of Unity it supports. If Unity is outdated, it will download the latest compatible version rather than the latest. For versioning info, check the changelog.

Q:Can I sell shaders I create with Shader Weaver on the asset store?
Yes! It would be nice to add a note saying that the shaders are compatible with Shader Weaver, in case your customers want to open and edit them too.

Q:Will my shaders work / be optimized enough for mobile?
Your shaders will most likely work unless you've made a super expensive shader, but Shader Weaver is primarily aimed at pushing 2d visual quality, so most things are done on a per-pixel level, rather than per-vertex. Most of the time, they should work well on mobile platform.

Q:For sprites, some times it looks OK in the SW editor, but looks wrong in the game, why?
For all Shader Weaver shaders, you need to make sure
For Sprites, assign the exact same spirte to Sprite Renderer's 'Sprite' as the sprite used in the Root node.
For UI Images, assign the exact same spirte to Image's 'Source Image' as the sprite used in the Root node.
For Textures, make sure material's '_MainTex' is the texture used in the Root node.

If you use sprite animation, make sure SWSpriteComponent has been added to the sprite.

Q:How can I animate effects with custom parameters?
Custom parameters are just common material properties once the shader has been compiled. You can animate them by
1. Unity Animation(for MeshRenderer and SpriteRenderer ONLY, not for Canvas Renderer).
2. 3rd party tools. DoTween/PlayMaker/Bolt...
3. Scripts. Such as Material.SetFloat

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